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Every ten years or so I go through the binders filled with the old negatives, look at them, and decide to scan more of them. It's a long, arduous process, filled with noise, snagged negatives, frustration, and hours of photoshopping to remove dust and blemishes. I wish I could go back in time and NOT develop my own film, which is the main reason that there is grain and dust embedded in the emulsion. Who remembers "emulsion side down" when printing?

So first up on the roster is Roy Harper. I haven't thought about Roy for many years, but recently I was at a Kenny Wayne Shepherd show at The Hollywood Bowl and playing bass for the band was none other than Tony Franklin, the same guy who played in The Firm. I wondered how Tony Franklin came to be the bass player in this amazing short-lived band and came up with Roy Harper as the connection. So I'm starting with pictures of Roy Harper. Enjoy!

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