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The Monkees First Reunion Tour

Yesterday I started going through my archives in earnest, and I thought I would start with the first band I ever had a personal connection to; The Monkees. When I was a kid, decades before I moved to Los Angeles, my cousin had a "Monkees sighting" where he spotted Mickey Dolenz at The May Company. I thought this was the coolest thing in the world. Years later when I moved here, my first "star sighting" was none other than Mr. Mickey Dolenz at the Hughes grocery store in Sherman Oaks. So last night I decided to post a few photos from the first reunion tour and Mickey Dolenz retweeted them. How cool is that? I got my first set of drums in 1967 and I got them because I wanted to be Mickey Dolenz and Ringo Starr. To this day, they are both my favorite drummers.

This concert took place on July 12, 1986 at The Ontario Place Forum in Toronto, Canada. I remember getting there hours before the show so I could stake out a set right in the front. It was worth the wait! Front row seats, the stage was revolving, over 10,000 screaming fans (mostly girls too young to remember The Monkees) and great photographic opportunities.

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